What we do

In Evoluzion we connect people through unique travel experiences. We want to inspire you to get out, see, and learn from the different people and places behind this large and amazing land of ours! To feel the weight of a culture, a religion, a history that is utterly alien to you.

So we offer different travel experiences through which you can experience unique moments plunging into the local reality, that means spending time in new places that offer unexpected opportunities for cultural immersion, spending hours talking with friendly locals (trust us ... usually happens), visiting the hidden gems (as well as the epic must-sees) and connect with people and place in an authentic way, where the memories you take home last a lifetime.

Our Why

Traveling has many benefits, it is definitely a transformative experience. It involves learning about other cultures, interesting people and return to the state of wonderment we lived when we were kids and saw things for the first time, when everything was new; thus, the sense of time expands and everything is more intense.

Moreover, in most countries you will find the most amazing, interesting and unique places (such as indigenous communities, wildlife and nature reserves) in rural and remote areas, where poverty is often much larger and more difficult to address.

We believe that great places to visit must first and foremost be great places to live in for host communities and for us, tourism is the most powerful industry to change the world and our mission is to use it as the highest form of distribution of resources to those most in need.

We don´t want to be the best tour company in the world, but the best for the world.

How do we do this?

With travelers like you.

Our How

Evoluzion partners with local communities to ensure that tourism revenue goes directly to guides and local entrepreneurs. But also, we support community development projects in the destinations we visit and love, partnering with grassroots organizations with firsthand knowledge of local culture and who can identify local needs.

We try to use local transportation (not only is it less expensive but often much more entertaining), stay at local hotels, design authentic travel experiences that promote cultural exchange, minimize our carbon footprint wherever possible and buy crafts and products of local artisans, distributing the economic benefits of tourism to a greater number of suppliers.

We are committed to operate in a responsible manner, incorporating the principles of sustainable development and responsible tourism at the heart of everything we do – respecting people, cultures and the local environment.

What’s a Evoluzion trip like?

In Evoluzion we love the highlights, but the real magic for us happens well away from a beaten path. So, each one has been specifically designed to deliver the must-do highlights, hidden gems and authentic encounters with local people you crave.

Every Evoluzion experience offers a deep and authentic journey, in every destination we offer. This allow our travelers to interact with the world as it truly is and to grow and learn directly from our community hosts, increasing their intercultural understanding through friendship, sharing experiences and contributing to these communities in many different ways.

Real life will be there when you get back. Don´t worry.