Adventure, Culture and Nature. Mapuches, Huasos and Asados. Good things come in threes, this trip included. Welcome to Lonquimay, friends. You can thank us later. Is it possible to capture both the Mapuche Pewenche & the Countryside Chilean Culture in a single trip? Short answer: Yup. More Info

When we talk about getting off the beaten track, we´re talking about Curarrehue. It ticks all the boxes. Indigenous communities, a secret and ancestral lagoon and a traditional ruka pehuenche to share with your new best friends. Participants should be comfortable around and on horses. More Info

NATURE, NATURE AND … MORE NATURE! Its official name is Huilo Huilo, but this magical land answers to “natural heaven.”  Natural Lovers, rejoice! If you've come to Huilo Huilo for amazing nature, trails, incredible waterfalls and a lot of love from the local people, then you've come to the right place. More Info