Experience the Sacred Land & Natural Wonder of  LONQUIMAY

Disconnect to connect, Nature and sightseeing, Cultural immersion and Unique Adventures. Mapuche, Huasos and Asados (Chilean indigenous communities, local cowboys and barbecues). As the locals would tell ¨ Good things come in threes¨, just like this special journey to Chile’s roots.

 Welcome to Lonquimay Experience fellas. Jump from your seat and come along with your friends and love one to enjoy the real and mystical Chile!



Price: $487.00 USD
Location: Araucanía Region, Chile
Duration: 4 Nights - leaving in the evening of the first day and arriving back in the early morning on the last day.
Dates: August 11-15, September 22-26, October 20-24, November 17-21, December 1-5


  • Live one day like a Countryman Huaso (Chilean version of cowboys).
  • Visit some of Lonquimay’s most ultimate unmissable spots.
  • Visit an authentic Ruka Pewenche (traditional housing) at the Los Arenales Indigenous Community.
  • Learn about the local history, tales and the Mapuche worldview.

Is it possible to capture both the Mapuche Pewenche & the Countryside Chilean Culture in a single trip? Absolutely, and plenty more. This 3-day/4 night tour will introduce you to fascinating cultures that only few people have had the honor to meet. You will experience an intensive and unique approach to the culture and lifestyle of the Mapuche Pewenche and the Countryside Chilean Cowboys surrounded with millenary Araucaria forests, Sacred tree of the Mapuche and learning the different forms of life directly from the locals….Most importantly, you´ll treasure this adventurous, one in a lifetime experience, for years to come.


Day 1 - Los Arenales & Las Mellizas Valley

This trip introduces you to another side of “La Araucanía Region”, that very few have the pleasure of exploring. You will partner up with the most amazing local tour leaders, for an authentic and surprising expedition into (very) off-the-beaten path, that way you´ll start this journey seeing all the natural and cultural gems the area has to offer, reconnecting with ancestral path and customs. It’s going to be a wild but totally awesome ride!



Day 2 - Mapuche Pehuenche Communities                                                                                                                        The second day you´ll experience an intensive, first handed approach to the culture and lifestyle of the Mapuche Pewenche as you’re surrounded with millenary Araucaria forests reconnecting with nature as you pass by, detailing every sacred tree considered by the Mapuche and learning the different forms of life directly from the locals. You also will have the pleasure of horseback riding or walking in the company of a local guide from the community, their storytelling will transport you to reliving ancestral histories as you will explore paths and long-lived trails. It´s gonna transform you in the way to see the world!

Day 3 - Horse Back Ride with Local Huasos

In this last day, we'll pair you with the countryside Chilean cowboys, otherwise known as Huasos. They will take you on a three-hour off trail horse ride up the glorious Andes mountains, which includes breaks for mind blowing pictures, we guarantee, it´s breathtaking. After a journey full of surprises and amazing landscapes we arrive at a rural house to meet the local family who will host you in their home for a warm and delicious local food and get to know their ancient stories.

So, now that you have passed this expedition, get ready to decked in fur chaps, thick ponchos and pick out a horse…you´re a Huaso now!

Get to know the authentic Chile on this epic three-day odyssey. They will stay with you forever! Join us for this intercultural experience!



  • Guided walk and lunch in the indigenous community of Los Arenales and Las Mellizas Valley.
  • Ruka Pehuenche Visit.
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.
  • 3 Breakfasts, 3 lunches. (Drinks not included).
  • 24/7 Evoluzion Group Leader.
  • Comfort Local Hostel (2 nts).
  • Local Transport, minibus, horses.
  • MAFRE Travel Assistance


  • Tips, drinks and personal expenses.
  • Meals aside from those in the itinerary.