Kurimeno Trail:
Glaciers, Secrets & Pehuenche Culture

Always wanted to know how people from different cultures live?

When we talk about getting off the beaten track, we are talking about Curarrehue. It ticks all the boxes. A perfect opportunity to be with indigenous communities, sightseeing secret ancestral lagoon and staying in traditional ruka pehuenche to share with your new best friends.  We should warn you, it’s a must to embrace your adventurous side, there’s gonna be plenty of outdoors activity, horseback riding included. Sneak in your must combatant shoes and let´s GO!.

Price: $509.00 USD
Location: Araucanía Region, Chile
Duration: 4 Nights - leaving in the pm of the first day and arriving back in the am on the last day.
Dates: September 1-5, October 13-17, November 3-7, December 1-5


  • Live like local with a Mapuche Pehuenche family.
  • Visit some of Curarrehue’s most ultimate unmissable spots, the Huesquefilo Sacred Lagoon  and Villarrica Hualalafquen National Reserve. 
  • Visit an authentic Ruka Pehuenche (traditional housing) at the Flor del Valle Indigenous Community. 
  • Keep Mapuche language alive with a Mapudungun Class from our local guide Veronica Quintonanuel.


Day 1 - Curarrehue I Pucon - Flor del Valle.

Welcome to a new dimension, far away from home. Pucon will be our first stop, you will arrive to your new home in the indigenous Pehuenche community “Flor del Valle” to meet an outstanding Pehuenche family and their community tourism project “Rukaleufu”, who will be your hosts in this mind-blowing and unique adventure. Are we ready? 

Day 2 - Curarrehue I Hualalafquen National Reserve and Huesquefilo Lagoon.

Early in the morning, after a special and succulent local breakfast, we will go in a horseback ride venturing into sacred territory, sightseeing spectacular mother land that not many people have had the honor to explore. While you cross the astonishing and enchanted Araucaria forests (sacred Pehuenche tree) you will learn about Mapuche Pehuenche cosmovision, culture and traditions that have been sculpture by nature and climate in the past thousands of years. After a couple of hours exploring this paradise we will arrive to the beautiful beach of the sacred Huesquefilo Lagoon, where we are going to have a tasty picnic and enjoy the beautiful sightseen and fascinating landscapes in the company of our Pehuenche leader and local guide Veronica Quintonahuel, who will tell you stories of her ancestors that has been unknown, revealing how they have lived and preserve this awesome place in the last centuries. 

Day 3 - Curarrehue I Flor del Valle - Pucon

We´ll give you time to give a final farewell to your new friends in this part of the world. You'll always remember those amazing days you spent with your group and Veronica´s family sharing in the same place, just as if you were one of them. This will simply be the beginning of your eternal friendship with the locals and this graceful place. 


  • Guided walk and horse ride in the Hualalafquen National Reserve and Huesquefilo Lagoon.
  • Ruka Pehuenche Visit.
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities. 
  • 2 Breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinner. (Drinks not included).
  • 24/7 Evoluzion Group Leader.
  • Comfort Rustic Cabin (2 nts).
  • Local Transport, minibus, horses.
  • Travel Assistance 


  • Tips, drinks and personal expenses.
  • Meals aside from those in the itinerary.